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    Who uses refrigeration trailers? Any commercial company attending events that don’t have trailer refrigeration or sufficient refrigeration to serve the volume of people attending the event.  This can save you the inconvenience of having deliveries throughout the event which can be difficult for vehicles to gain access to you especially with the public wandering around.  Also, the benefit of hiring equipment from a reputable company will ensure that all the equipment is set at the industry standard temperatures to prevent food from deteriorating. It is also very important to keep the doors shut on the trailer accessing the fridge and freezer units as this can interfere with the general temperatures possibly causing the fridges to ice-up, leading to damage of the equipment.  Also, when the trailer is delivered to you, please ask the delivery driver to confirm that the equipment is set to the correct temperatures according to the weather on the day. And finally, it is always best to be as near as possible to a power supply as the longer the cable the more possibilities of it becoming damaged due to excessive hot weather or other damage.  The last thing you want is your electricity supply to ‘trip-out’.  For more tips, call us at SPX Refrigeration in Devon.

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SPX are a Great local company, you can not only trust but give you great peace of mind , value for money and nothing's to much trouble. A true gem!

Aaron December 2015
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Thanks for fixing our fridge Paul. Great service. Top man!

Stephen June 2017
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Many thanks Paul. Good job as usual!

Mark August 2015

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