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30 years of experience speak for themselves, SPX Refrigeration & Engineering Services Ltd can provide you with a complete refrigeration service. From selling you the right equipment in the first place and keeping it in good working order throughout its working life, to providing spare parts and repairs. You can trust in us that we are passionate about providing the best services to our customers, whether they are new or existing.

We cover a large range of refrigeration services from advice on the best equipment for your own needs through to service, repair and maintenance of your entire refrigeration system. We can advise and provide you with refrigeration equipment that will meet all relevant health and safety legislation and British Standards whilst also striving to get you all this at the best prices.

We have built up a wealth of knowledge over the years not just in terms of the equipment we sell, maintain and repair but also of the local areas and the ways in which we can serve more specialised jobs such as fishing trawlers and larger marine vessels. Our services are used by a vast range of businesses from offices and factories through to the catering industry in particular with local hotels and restaurants. Summary of our services:

  • Ammonia Specialists
  • Fridge maintenance and repairs
  • Commercial refrigeration, installation and servicing
  • Ice machines
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Walk in fridges
  • Trawler servicing and repairs
  • Yacht servicing and repairs
  • Fishing vessels ice machine servicing and repairs
  • Marine and commercial refrigeration installation and servicing
Industrial Refrigeration

We are the only independent refrigeration company in Devon that installs, services and maintains industrial refrigeration including Ammonia. From plate and blast freezing to spiral freezers. Also looking after close control packing and storage rooms.

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SPX for Marine, Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

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